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FOX21: Citizens Worried About Speeders on Gentry Road

People who live on Gentry Road in Anderson County have complained speeders are putting them in a danger zone. Located right off of Highway 81 in Starr, the rural road has no posted speed limit, according to resident Angela Rietzel. 

"Somebody's gonna get killed," she said. "It's gotten really serious. What I am worried about is every morning when I get my daughter onto the bus - who is going to smack into the back of the bus?" 

"My daughter's school bus almost got hit three times last year," said Rietzel. 

Signs warning drivers of school bus traffic dot the road, but Rietzel showed FOX Carolina cell phone video of one of the signs after it had been run over by a car. Rietzel and her neighbor Darren Mitchell said simply posting speed limit signs is not enough. 

County officials, however, said installing speed bumps on rural roads isn't an option without a formal speed study. 

State law requires speed bumps to be installed in only urban - not rural - areas, according to Anderson County Public Works Administrator Holt Hopkins. "Urban," he said, means homes are within 100 feet of each other. He said that is not the case on Gentry Road, adding the speed limit would not be allowed to be under 35 mph because it is a rural road. 

He also told us each speed bump, if installed, would cost $1,200 - and half of each one would have to be paid by residents. 

"County Council would pay the other half, but that is what our ordinance currently says," said Hopkins. 

Hopkins said Council might consider additional signage for the road. 

Rietzel said residents have signed a petition for speed bumps and asked for more patrol officers from the county. 

"Somebody is going to die out here, it's not a joke. It's serious," she said.

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