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Pet of the Week P.A.W.S. SHELTER

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Driving Directions

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Friday
12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Closed Wednesday

12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Animal Shelter This Week

Saved 91% of the animals.

Intakes: 109 (19 owner surrender, 6 return adoptions, 53 from animal control, 35 strays and 2 transferred in).

Outcomes:  88 animals adopted, 4 died, 6 were euthanized for illness or aggression, 4 animal was owner requested euthanasia, 13 were returned to their owners and 23 were sent to rescue.

Clinic performed 194 spay/neuter surgeries.

5 dogs were treated for heartworms

Currently 126 large dogs, 17 small dogs, 43 puppies, 32 cats and 50 kittens in the facility.

45 animals being held for court.

149 animals available for adoption and 47 of those are spayed/neutered (31%).

PAWS received $385.00 in donations

Did you know?  The average length of stay for an animal at PAWS is 36 days. Help us move animals out to homes faster by fostering

July Stats:

Saved 91% of the animals in our care for the month of July.

Intakes: 489 (76 owner surrender, 11 return adoptions, 228 from animal control, 142 strays and 32 transferred in).

Outcomes: 298 animals adopted, 19 died, 24 were euthanized for illness or aggression, 21 animals were owner requested euthanasia, 49 were returned to their owners and 69 were sent to rescue.

Clinic performed 581 spay/neuter surgeries.

PAWS received $5,682.00 in donations.

  • We have orientations every 2nd Saturday from 10:30am-12:00pm and 4th Monday from 6:00p-7:30p. To be able to volunteer with us, we now ask that people do the orientations so we can give them a quick “dos and don’ts” of the shelter. This program is going to be head up by one of our animal caretakers, Danielle Parker.  People who are interested In volunteering can contact Danielle at or they can also contact Brittany Rambo at

PAWS Needs Community's Help


Pets of the Week





HI! I'm Rascal! Don't let my name fool you, I'm a sweet boy who loves attention. I will crawl up into your lap given the chance! I am so soft and have such a handsome face. Come by and meet me!






Rupert is a friendly and sweet boy. He does well playing with other dogs and loves to run around the dog park. After his exploring he likes to come over to you for a pet and some company
















Hi, my name is Buddy! You can tell by my photos that I'm a good looking dog. I tend to lean towards hanging out with the adults and not too much with children. Kids seem to bother me to some degree. Sorry kiddos! I love to go outside and run around and sniff the grounds. Take me to a shaded area and I will let you rub my back or pet me as long as you like. I'm also a selfish little fellow. I want to be the only dog in the house. I might make a big stink of it if you try to crowd my area. I would love for you to come by my temporary home and visit me. Even better...a permanent home at your place sounds great





Meet Duke - A smart boy who is able to provide you with all the love and protection you need. Looking for a loyal companion to join your home? He's right here! Duke is a laid back boy that just wants someone who understands his life style. Someone who likes to run would be perfect for Duke, but don't worry, Duke isn't one of those who likes to carry on a conversation while on a run! Duke is an attention hog and would prefer to be an only child. Come meet Duke today!






"Arizona Sun is an absolutely amazing dog! She spent two weeks with my family as a foster and she did fantastic! She is very well behaved with all dogs of every shape and size, she's super gentle and polite around children of all ages as well. She is potty trained, kennel trained, leash trained, and responds to basic commands: Sit, lay, shake, and "kennel". She will pace in front of, and look at the door to let you know she has to go outside. She loves riding in the car with the windows down, going to T-Ball games and just being a lazy couch potato. She is not fond of cats, so a home without any cats is highly preferred. Arizona Sun is truly a one of a kind dog that would be a great addition to any potential adopters family." Arizona's Foster Dad, Garrettari


Pets of the Week  

Buddy, Age: 5y: I’ve done the furternity and chasing squirrels thing. I still like going hard with my boys at the park sometimes, but I’m looking to settle down with a good girl. I’m ready for the leash!



















Casey, Age: 3y: I’ve been accused of being a “Stage 5 Clinger” but I prefer “Enthusiastic Sidekick.” Just looking for a rich girl willing to support my expensive treat habit. You also must be willing to drive me around. Unemployed, but otherwise a real catch! And, I love to play catch. Also, I love you


Little Bit, Age: 1yo: Are your paws tired? Because you’ve been running through my mind all day! I’m happy, playful, and affectionate! P.S. I like to make out on the first date. Been looking for my match for 126 days!












Susan, Age: 1yo: You look a little run down… I think you might be suffering from a lack of vitamin ME! My name is Susan, and I’m exactly what you need in your life. Not the best at selfies, much better looking IRL. PSA: You can’t buy love but you sure can adopt it!


Pets of The Week

Lou is a true king in a prince-sized package, though at times you just might mistake him for the court jester. He will charm you with his admiring eyes, always looking to you for cue on what to do next. Take King Lou out for a stroll (or a snuggle) and you just might want to offer him a castle of his own.







Look into my beautiful eyes! My name is Kale. I love tennis balls and any toy. I'm still deciding if I want to bring the ball back or not. Most of the time I bring it back and give you a kiss. I play well with others and I love long walks on the beach, playing soccer, and reading murder mysteries. I'm a great addition to any family. Come in and let me adopt you!












Luke is a sweet older gent looking for a kingdom for his own. Luke does well with other dogs, but prefers docile, females. He would love to have a couch and a big screen to watch the game on the weekends. Treat, treats would be good too! 






My name is Jugz. I'm very popular! I'm president of my class and I'm on the debate team! I know sit and love treats. I play well with my kennel mate. I also like to be right by your side. I would make a great addition to your family. 


Pets of the Week