Council Moves Road into Roundabout, Approves Series of Tax Incentives
Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at 7:16PM

Anderson County Council on Tuesday approved the moving the entrance of Francis Cannon Drive into the proposed roundabout intersection of Brown and Kings Roads. The move will allow the roundabout, a project funded by the South Carolina Department of Transportation, to include the road into the intersection. 

“I have said it before, I am against the roundabout,” said Anderson County Councilman Tom Allen, who voted for the move. “But the state got a federal grant and they are going to use it on a project we don’t need.”  

Council also approved a series of economic incentives on Tuesday night to current Anderson County companies including: 

On first reading, a long-established county company, which was code named Project Villa for first reading, which will bring a new equipment investment of $228 million to Anderson County. Administrator Rusty Burns said that the company’s expansion will initially not create any new jobs but will solidify the organization’s business here. Burns said eventually the investment would also likely produce new jobs as well. 

On second reading, a pair of extensions to tax incentives for current businesses to expand their footprint in Anderson County. Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated in Piedmont will expand operations at the regional headquarters, marketing and distribution center, bringing an additional 44 jobs at the facility, making the total number of new jobs created since March 2015 to 191, with an average salary $21.38 per hour. 

Council also approved, on second reading, an amendment to fee agreement with TTI, to capture future projects and provide them with a full range of economic incentives the original project received. 

Renovations of the front and rear of the new Anderson County Courthouse, were also given the go ahead as part of Tuesday’s meeting.

Anderson County Council also heard a presentation from the Cancer Association of Anderson, a local organization which helps Anderson County cancer patients and their families. The group provides up to $1,000 per year in assistance for treatment-related expenses, including prescription medicine and gas to get to medical appointments. More information here.

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